Case Study: Intrusive Investigation and Waterproofing Repairs – 5 Brighton St, Botany NSW

Art of Construction Australia was called in by GK Strata for waterproofing repairs on the property at 5 Brighton St, Botany in NSW.

AOCA carried out an Intrusive Investigation on the problem and commenced Waterproofing Repairs.


Property: Townhouse 5, 5 Brighton St, Botany

Owners: Sarah and Jim Monahas

Issue: The Owners reported to their Strata manager of an ongoing water leak that they were unable to stop and advised that it could be originating from their driveway strip drain or their roof or internally from their carport.  

AOCA (building services) was then engaged by the Strata manager to stop the leaking.

Process: AOCA carried out an initial free inspection and advised that the best approach to rectify this issue was to carry out an Intrusive Investigation that involves up to 4 hours onsite, water testing progressively to pinpoint the leaks, and exploring under the architectural finishes if required.

The Intrusive Investigation process can provide certainty, a fixed cost and a duration for the repairs.

Existing issue: Ongoing water leak – AOCA called in to fix.

Solution: In this instance, multiple leaks were identified and rectified through localised crack injection of the suspended garage slab and application of a heavy duty trafficable waterproofing membrane over the top of the entire carport slab.

Completed Task: AOCA repairs are completed following an Intrusive Investigation.

AOCA is pleased to share this feedback received from the owners, Sarah and Jim Monahas.

Hi Nathan,
Thank you so much for organising our leaking garage floor to be fixed (a few months ago now).
I just wanted to let you know that the AOCA team who did all the tasks to fix the problem were excellent.
They were very professional, reliable and polite, explained the process to us as they went and did such a great quality job. Very thorough and very polished.
Highly recommend AOCA for any other jobs you have.
Thanks again for your help and support with this too.
Have a lovely week,

Sarah & Jim Monahas – Owners, Townhouse 5, 5 Brighton St, Botany NSW

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